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Satish Goel | CHAIRMAN
Message from the Chairman
Satish Goel | CHAIRMAN

The greatest blessing bestowed by our forefathers is that we are born free. But political freedom has so far made us conscious only of our rights, not fully of our responsibilities. We are far from attaining complete economic freedom. In pursuit of complete freedom, we cannot hope for a miracle or a shortcut. Struggle and sacrifices are imminent. But we must look at the future with optimism and will full faith in ourselves. Remember – “An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees calamity in every opportunity”.

The right blend of values, all round grooming and high-quality education which seeks to develop minds are hall marks here – Education is the first formal step to development. In a free society it has special significance, for, education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but, impossible to enslave.  The irrepressible Mark Twain said, “Training is everything, the peach was once a bitter almond”.

The future of the country not only depends on the intellectual caliber but also on the degree to which the leaders are committed to the ideals. The attributes that we try to inculcate can be best summed up in four C’s – Competence, Courage, Commitment and Candour.

Our advice always remains to the students to be ‘Ambitious’, not a dirty word, as it conveys a pursuit to excellence and only by pursuing excellence can you excel in what you do.

The other word of wisdom that we give at MG World Vision, is telling them to be original because one idea can change the course of mankind, one invention can effect our way of life, one good painting or one melodious piece of music is more enduring then all the wealth you can hoard and these virtues will always stand them in good stead.

Our students are the future leaders – in the services, in industry, in the professions, in all walks of life. We hope that our futuristic strategy will definitely produce a better generation making our land worth living and the whole world realize the purpose of their being.

And last but not least –

Do all the good you can

In all the way you can

In all the places you can

In all the people you can

As long as you ever can

Surender Singhal | Secretary
Message from the Secretary
Surender Singhal | Secretary


To place ourselves at the right altitude of life, we have planned the education system at MG World Vision around developing the right attitude, we provide a holistic strive to education where in students’ creativity, their broad physical and emotional well-being and their social skills and responsibilities interplay with the rest of the curriculum. Our objective is to shape individuals in their formative years and equip them with values that govern all their choices in life. We have a vision to nurture, nourish and chisel the students into a host of well-shaped individuals, self-reliant and self-sufficient and responsible citizens leading to the upliftment of the society.

Our system incorporates relevant content and introduces innovations in methodology too in keeping with the global needs and identifies the unique nature of each learner.

Do come and join us in our endeavor of moulding our young buddies to go out fully confident and adequately equipped to meet the challenges of the emerging world.

Parshotam Singhal | Vice-Chairman
Message from the Vice-Chairman
Parshotam Singhal | Vice-Chairman

M.G. World Vision School has a perspective to create an environment and ambience that fosters such learning which provides the students with opportunities to explore and grow through situations that challenge them to identify their strength and reinforce them.

The emphasis is both on academics and extra-curricular activities, at a pace that is tailored for the students within a culture that promotes possibilities.

This institution is a platform for the students to express their creative pursuit which develops in them originality of thought and perception.

G.B. Pande | Director
Message from the Director
G.B. Pande | Director

Thinking School; Educated Nation

Learning is not a deskbound exercise with books, paper and pen only. It is, in fact, all about fostering students to become flexible and critical thinkers, to originate ideas, to connect with the concepts, to know the hurdles and how to score victory over them and more importantly to develop the habit of being a self-directed learner.
We, at M.G. World Vision School, have implemented the system of teaching and learning which has a perfect mix of all the aforesaid ingredients of education.
A school is a training ground and at M.G. World Vision School a complete program has been designed to train the students through education package with an anticipated outcome to transform the students into a multitasker and a proud citizen of India. In the pursuit to provide the best to the students of M.G. World Vision School, be it, the academics or sports and games or school uniform or interior designing of the class room, highly professional teams have been engaged.
M.G. World Vision school has come up with a new concept and methodology. The sole purpose is to groom a student in the child centric education system so that the efficiency and productivity increases and learning abounds. We wish our students to be an asset to our country.

Dr. Mrinalini Anant | Principal
Message from the Principal
Dr. Mrinalini Anant | Principal


I begin by quoting Jawahar Lal Nehru “I prefer schools to industries and factories because schools make human beings and human beings make industries.” Schools have a serious role to play in human resource management, and the major thrust has to be in encouraging creative expression of ideas and assimilation of human, cultural and social values for developing into holistic human beings. The students  are to  have a specific profile that takes the shape and structure of a tree . This tree symbolizes   every aspect and quality of a true student, firmly rooted in honesty, integrity, loyalty and   dedication.  A true sense of discipline forms the trunk of their development.  From this discipline, the student branches out into a diverse network of a positive value system. This value system comprises of truth, patriotism, sincerity, obedience, service, sportsman spirit and character formation. This value system flowers into true citizens, sportsman spirit and character formation and bears the fruit of Godliness and holiness reaching out to humanity in general. 

This time in our glorious planet is the most exciting time in history, We are going to see and experience the impossible becoming possible, in every field of human endeavor and in every subject.  As we let go of all thoughts of limitations, and know that we  are unlimited,   We will experience  the  limitless  magnificence  of  human kind, expressed  through sports,  health, art, technology, science and every single field of creation for which school has created state of art infrastructure and the most wonderful students that you have entrusted us with are infusing it with soul.

 In years to come with all our well wishers good wishes  and almighty’s blessing by our side we hope to grow by leaps and bounds  ruling the roost all the way.

 I pray to the God to bless the set up and shower his choicest blessing on all who are associated with the set up in some way or other.

God  Bless