Our Mission & Vision

Education is the life line and back bone of any nation. The development and achievements are harnessed by those who are constantly involved in doing good to the society. This requires dedicated and analytical minds which are created in the school.

The philosophy of the school, which leads the complete education system deployed for the schooling of the students, must lead to holistic development of the students which is the desired outcome of the education.

M.G. World Vision School is committed to groom its students not only with literacy and numeracy but also with moral and physical character development. It provides the knowledge of cultural heritage and the knowledge about the constitution of India, creative skills through performing arts and most importantly make them a self-directed learner.

The bottom line of any education system is to develop the personality of a child in totality. To achieve this objective all the ingredients have been properly mixed in the education system developed at M.G. World Vision School, to prepare the students to develop the Five A(s) in their life is Aim, Analyze, Apply, Access and Achieve because “there is no feeling bigger than the feeling of achievement.