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M.G. World Vision School is a composite co-educational institution, and caters to the needs of Pre-Nursery children (2 yrs.+) to the senior secondary student (17 yrs.+) to develop the different traits of the personality along with developing various faculties of the thought process and more importantly to develop strong character and nationalistic feeling. A belief that a great fabulous infrastructure also requires an exemplary soul to be infused into it in the form of strong content-based curriculum and it’s application.

This is exactly where our perspective of learning by doing and doing by learning emanates from. The content-based curriculum is driven into the students lives through activity-based teaching in our audio-visual paired subject enriched learning studios.

To achieve these objectives, for the Kindergarten the world’s best education practices are taken into consideration and adapted to suit the Indian requirement and palates. Post that they are implemented, to ensure the best for the babies.

Everything taught and learnt in the school revolves around the six core skills identified as the basic necessity of any student’s development to etch him out into a future ready individual equipped with all the necessary life skills. The core skills that the school addresses are critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and imagination, digital literacy, communication and collaboration, student leadership and personal development and finally to make them world class citizens global dimension.