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The implementation of the curricular and co-curricular activities are carried out by the faculty appointed for the purpose and therefore the faculty is the back bone of the school. At M.G. World Vision School we have been very choosy in appointing the faculty. At the same time our academics partner viz U Learn Today and Iglookids International will be training the teachers to meet out the requirements of the methodology adopted at M.G. World Vision School.

As the water level in the glass decreases with time, so is the knowledge of the teacher which also tends to. In order to keep the teachers abreast with the techniques of teaching and to refresh their knowledge, the training is very essential.

This training and assessment of the teacher will be periodically done by our academic partners. This process will definitely make our teachers the best.

Our Academic Partners

The curriculum of Iglookids aimed at toddlers and children up to 6 years old is based on the Finnish education model and is developed with the help of Finnish local pre-school and daycare experts and with the support of friend of pre-schools and daycares from Finland. It is a curriculum not only considered as the best around the globe but also has been awarded as the best pre-school education twice over in Asia.

Iglookids education brings about the fundamental change in education with innovative tools and processes and resources that make a difference to society.

The overall being wellbeing of toddlers and children in direct collaboration and involvement of stakeholders including parents, educators, staff, content creators and policymakers. The education is imparted with the following module: – 


Universal Learn Today, India’s leading media conglomerate, which owns and manages Vasant Valley School (New Delhi) — one of the foremost co-educational day schools in India.

With their mission to transform the education landscape through the delivery and promotion of professional standards, setting up excellent institutions, conducting cutting-edge educational research, and developing and implementing programmes for teacher enrichment, their services have been roped in MG World Vision School.

A belief that a great fabulous infrastructure also require an exemplary soul to be infused into it in the form of strong content-based curriculum and it’s application.

This is exactly where our perspective of learning by doing and doing by learning emanates from, This content-based curriculum is driven into the students lives through activity-based teaching in our audio-visual paired of subject enriched learning studios.