Learning Techniques

The curriculum is decided by the board with which the school is affiliated with C.B.S.E., New Delhi but the methodology is the prerogative of the school.

At M.G. World Vision School we are implementing the methodology which is “learner-centered”. The total focus of all the scholastic and co-scholastic activities is on the students. In the kindergarten, the students enjoy academic activities in the “Learning Studios”, with very attractive furniture and interior decoration. From class I & above, the dedicated subject teaching starts. Each classroom has a complete set up for various scholastic activities.

From certain specified classes as per needs, the classrooms are dedicated subject rooms with a rich library of the subject including audio and visual teaching aids of the subject to which the classroom belongs. The duration of a teaching period is also different so that the teacher can teach the subject and help the writing skills of the students. Homework is done by the students as usual. The specified H.W. & projects are available to the parents not only in the almanac but on the internet and on mobile as well so that the parents can keep a watch on the progress of their ward.


There has been a growing concern regarding the increasing weight of the school bag which is harmful for the free growth of the children and carrying the heavy bag each day is boring and gives adverse effect on the psyche of the children and can produce deformation in the spinal cord.

For the healthy growth and development of the children, we, at M.G. World Vision School, have decided to create a system for students where no heavy bags are required. The students from class I to V are provided Tablets by the school. The choice of Tablets for students from class I to V was specifically made post in a deliberation based on research that students from classes I to V abound with energy and providing them tablets ensures optimum work of all their faculties simultaneously viz, reading, handling, speaking, hearing etc. all and gross motor nerves are put to best use.

Each student has a Tab/textbooks in school which is fully loaded with the contents (syllabus) which is required by the student. In each subject class, the students are required to use the Tab for not more than 30 minutes at a stretch. The students need to carry notebooks and assignments for class work and home work. The book used by students is kept at home for the reference and for doing homework.

The Tablets are customized to the format of read only and are enabled with screen guards to look after their eyes. Beside the parameter of time is always kept in mind rest of the classes from VI onwards are managed in a regular manner last time.