Information Highway

This facility has been created using the best of the technology for the utmost convenience of the parents.This information highway will have two lanes.

The first lane will provide the parents—

  • All the information regarding day to day attendance of their ward through SMS. The attendance of the students will be taken at the time of entering the school gate through biometric system / chip card reader.
  • Each and every information related to administration and accounts office.

The second lane will provide the parents with-

  • Unique ID for their ward, this ID will remain same so long as the ward remains in the school.
  • A folder for each student will be created where the parents have an access through the given ID.

The most important stoppage of this information highway is the unique folder created for the parents so that they can be updated with their ward’s attendance, fee accounts, scholastic activities, classwork, homework, certificates awarded, photographs receiving the awards and anecdotal given by the teachers etc. The folder will be available on the school website and an Application (app.). Parents will be provided with a personal password to open up the folder of their ward at the website or at the mobile.