The Club

The club wisdom of the school provides a strong rostrum to the global citizens of the future to stand firmly look in multidimensional directions. Time to time it arranges debates, dramaties, quizzes, declamations etc. and empower them to progress academically, socially and emotionally.

Human and Humane: It is truly said that man is a social animal. It is our aim to make our students epitome of humanity, creator of new era, stewards of cultural values and tradition and stars pillars of our goals and hopes. The members of their club teach and preach community services, peace consciousness, humanity, universal brotherhood, love and trust in the Almighty.

The Blue Planets: This club offers versatile opportunities to the blooming buds to participate and handle meaningful environmental activities and projects at global symposium. The spokesmen of this club encourage the students to influence their parents and neighborhood communities to realize the importance of sound environmental behavior and make them aware and sensitive to environmental issues.

The Shutterbugs: Education is the process of imparting learning, facilitating knowledge, acquisition of skills and values, evolving beliefs, positive approach and habits and intellectual enrichment fir a peaceful and meaningful life. To develop all motor skills of the students and to make a child a perfect human being we have shutterbugs club. It promotes the students to see those invisible things and features that are beyond the approach of layman. Apart from this, the club takes endeavor to improve creativity of the students and develops their analytical attitude, educate them technical skills to make their senses sensitive to the creation of the supreme power.

Hues and Expressions: We are the painters of self portraits who we become, will be determined by our attitude. Our actions and what we learn.

We at MG World Vision School are committed for the transformation of young toddlers by introducing them with life skills as well as various core skills. This threshold works in the same direction. This club plays an important role in creating an ambience for forming new ideas, trends and numerous combinations of hues and tents giving knowledge, prudence to those who are going to points the future of the country with rainbow colours an international canvas.

The Symphony: life is like a fast following deep and sound ocean. It is difficult task to fathom its depth. The beats of instruments the high notes of music, the lyrics and the ballads and the dancing feet come together to make this club.