What sets us apart
Best academics
- Kindergarten
- U Learn Today
Best extra-curricular activities
Extra-curricular activity
Best sports facility
Best faculty(Periodic training of the faculty)
Best learning techniques
Bag less school
Most beautiful school uniform designed by Kidology and stitched by Mafat Lal Mumbai
All weather Semi Olympic Swimming pool(meeting FEENA regulation)
800mtr. Track specially designed for jogger/athletes.
The infrastructure a state of art
Kindergarten designed by E.D.A.
a USA based firm specialist in designing of the school interior and exterior
State of art auditorium designed by E.D.A.
Rich classrooms and dedicated library
for middle (VI-VIII) and senior (IX-XII) students
Director’s Message

“Thinking School; Educated Nation”

Dear Readers,

Learning is not a deskbound exercise with books, paper and pen only, it is about fostering students to become flexible and critical thinkers, to originate ideas, to connect with the concepts, to know the hurdles and how to score victory over them and more importantly to develop the habit of being a self-directed learner.

We, at M.G. World Vision School, have implemented the system of teaching and learning which has a perfect mix of all the aforesaid ingredients of education.

A school is a training ground and at M.G. World Vision School a complete program has been designed to train the students through education package with an anticipated outcome to transform the students into a multitasker and a proud citizen of India.

In the pursuit to provide the best to the students of M.G. World Vision School, be it, the academics or sports and games or school uniform or interior designing of the class room, highly professional team of International companies has been engaged.

An information highway has been created which will keep the parents updated about their ward along with all the activities, homework, important events etc.

Dear parents, M.G. World Vision school is coming up with a new concept and new methodology. The sole purpose is to groom a student in the friendly education system so that the learning abounds, efficiency and productivity increase.

We wish our students to be an asset to our country.

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Our Mission & Vision

Education is the life line and back bone of any nation. The development and achievements are harnessed by those who are constantly involved in doing good to the society. This requires dedicated and analytical minds which are created in the school.

The philosophy of the school, which leads the complete education system deployed for the schooling of the students, must lead to holistic development of the students which is the desired outcome of the education.

M.G. World Vision School is committed to groom its students not only with literacy and numeracy but also with moral and physical character development. It provides the knowledge of cultural heritage and the knowledge about the constitution of India, creative skills through performing arts and most importantly make them a self-directed learner.

The bottom line of any education system is to develop the personality of a child in totality. To achieve this objective all the ingredients have been properly mixed in the education system developed at M.G. World Vision School, to prepare the students to develop the Five A(s) in their life is Aim, Analyze, Apply, Access and Achieve because “there is no feeling bigger than the feeling of achievement.

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MG World Vision School is going to be a composite co-educational institution, and will cater to the needs of


Equipping children to thrive as global citizens in the 21st century, we offer an integrated activities program that develops


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Medicare Safety & Securities

Uncompromising in our approach to Medicare, Safety & Security, we have high-end medical and security infrastructure in place, specialist

MG vision, Best place to Learn

Education is the life line and back bone of any nation. The development and achievements are harnessed by those who are constantly involved in doing good to the society. This requires dedicated and analytical minds which are created in the school.

Notice for Parents

  1. To meet the Principal or Director prior appointment has to be taken through mail written to the administrative officer at the following ID:
  2. The principal will be available to meet the parents from 09:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.
  3. The Director will be available to meet the parents from 01:00 P.M. to 02:00 P.M.
News & Announcements

On 17th April 2017 the Induction Program is being organized for the students who have been admitted to MG World Vision School Parents are also invited to attend the Induction Program
The function starts at

7th April 2017 ,Friday

The Teaching classes will start from 10th July 2017 at 07:20 AM

7th April 2017 ,Friday
Holiday Calendar
25 June Sunday
Ratha Yatra

Rama Ratha Yatra is a huge Hindu festival and it is organized each year at famous Jagannatha temple in Puri

26 June Monday

Eid al-Fitr “festival of breaking of the fast” is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end

What Parents say about us

While staying at such a small place, we shall get our daughter to be brought up in such a conducive environment that she will never stumble in

Samina Khan

I am very enthusiastic to get my child admitted in MG World Vision School as I perceive that my son / daughter will step with the global

Pushpendra Singh

Muzaffarnagar is blessed with an educational institution which will prepare our children to meet the international standards and make them confident enough to face the world I

Deepti Jindal

I am very fascinated by the new methodology of teaching adopted by MG World Vision School I am looking forward to see my son well equipped with

Kavita Pal